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A city caper for old-school RPGs. The module is 14 pages long and contains: 8 keyed locations, an adventure summary, a city map, and GM-facing adventure aids.

A minor crime boss has recruited the PCs to sabotage the championship fight. She has thousand of gold pieces on the long-shot challenger and promises a hefty payday to the gang if they can succeed. 

The PCs know where the champion will be but he's wily. And dangerous. Time is short. Can the PCs keep their cool when the chips are down? 

This adventure module was designed to be compatible for most games based on old-school D&D rule sets. However, it can be adapted to any system with ease.

Install instructions

Download the attached PDF. Print out the city map and page 6 (the pre-fight rituals) or otherwise show them to the players. Consider viewing the pages as two-page spreads.


The Fight Job.pdf 905 kB

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